Monday, October 13, 2008

Provide information from office to vehicles

With the advance technology such as the Gps tracking systems. This GPS tracking systems is of two types such as real time and passive and is design for small company to check their company fleets and the time their takes and whereabout of the fleets. The real time GPS tracking systems provided you as much information from your office to the said vehicles. Its show the exact location of the vehicles, speed taken by the driver of the vehicles, how many stop the driver made and the route the driver traveled.

Others advantage it help to save the cost of fuel as the driver can avoid road that is heavy jam besides if the vehicles breaks down other vehicles that is near to the vehicles can delivery to the customer, just provided good and fast service,save time and cost. Another advantage is when is lost, it give the police the location of the vehicles which allow the police to recovered the vehicles and the goods faster. If you want to know more about real time tracking systems,log on to internet and search.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

GPS real time tracking gives information in real time

With the modern technology the GPS or Global positioning System can track vehicles, boats, ship, plane or even people if it is equip with GPS. GPS was first launched in 1970 in United state for military uses. It was opened to all public during president Bill Clinton time for the great demand of GPS for development uses.

Today's most company car and vehicles are installed with GPS real time tracking which gives information and details of the present position of its vehicles where about in real time. Due to the rising price of the fuel price more and more company car are install with real time tracking systems. Checking the staff unnecessary distance taken, the mileage each vehicles taken per day and per month. If there is a break down to one of its vehicles the company can inform the nearest vehicles if there is goods to delivery to its customer to save fuel and better service to its customers.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Real time GPS allows the manager to view their whereabout of their fleets

With the present technology while you are driving your car with the real time GPS tracking system you are provides with vehicles location updates every five minutes and allows you to to communicates with your company if somethings went wrong with your vehicles and allows you to view the map and the location that you are going and the time of the speed that your vehicles is moving.

Besides its give the latest information and allows the manager or the boss to view their fleet online. How many stop and the speed the vehicles is moving to avoid speeding. Its also allows you men to deliver their goods on time to better service with the customers and avoid late delivery. When their is break down in one vehicles the other nearest vehicle can send the goods to their customer.

With a real time GPS vehicles tracking systems a flat monthly fees is charges to allows you the facilities you are enjoying. The real time vehicles tracking system comes with Digital and satellite mapping for your viewing and vehicles maintenence sub systems and latest reports.


Friday, February 22, 2008

Slimtrak real time GPS tracking system

With the modern technology I had my vehicles installed with a slimtrak real time GPS tracking systems. with the slimtrak system I don't have to mount an antenna and also less wiring in my cars. 4 pieces of AA size batteries are used and can last you more than three months.

Slimtrak real time GPS tracking system
, I can even track the location of my kids movement and the exact location of the vehicles if it stolen. Its also show the speed that I am traveling each time.


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

With real time GPS tracking system has its advantage

Big company with many fleets are advisable to installed a real time GPS tracking system. With real time Gps tracking system, the company has many advantages like for instance, checking how many stops did each vehicles stops and how much time did each vehicles spend, the speed that the vehicle is going. If one of our vehicle is stuck in a traffic jam, we can directed other vehicles not to used the same route.

With real time GPS tracking system we better our service with our customber by letting know when their goods will arrived. Even if one of our vehicle are in troble we can directed other of our vehicles which is near by to deliver the goods to the customber. With this real time tracking system install i had no much troble with the customber and the staff of the driving vehicles as I could monitor their movement.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Many advantage of having real time GPS tracking system installed

Three months back my company installed a GPS fleet tracking systems for its advantage. With the GPS fleet tracking systems its allows our company to input each vehicles travel imformation directly to the computer and can show and indicate how many stop the driver stop and the time he spend in each stop. With the technology it allows our company to better our service with our regular customberas we tell the customber when their goods will be arrived at their place and secondly we can save overtime on each staff as we can cut the unnecessary stops.

With the real time GPS tracking system installed in each vehicles we can even direct our vehicles to take others alternated routes if the road their are taking is facing a heavy jam. With the non stop of rising fuel price, you can save a lots of fuel price in a month if your vehicles are installed with the GPS fleet tracking systems, save jam.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Avoid speed track with real time gps tracking system

With real time gps tracking system it will show you how fast you are driving your vehicles and besides a map to show you the location where you are driving your vehicle at the presents to avoid road jam. With too many speed track device install along the highway by the police it is better to travel with the speed limits given along the highway sign.

With the real time gps tracking system I can even check the speed that my child is driving and also of their whereabouts. There are many advantages when install with a gps tracking system in your car. It help to save oil fuel by avioding traffic jam and driving on the wrong side of road to get to your destination.