Monday, September 25, 2006

Real time tracking systems - tracking device

The Real Time Tracking Systems or AVL Systems are based on mobile stand-alone terminals, which combine GPS technology to determinate their own position. Specific wireless networks set a two-way communication between the mobile unit and control center.
Real Time Tracking Systems have several ways to storage and transmit information, always offering low cost solutions with the latest technology.

Slim Trak is a general purpose asset tracking device that adds security and tracking capability to small, portable equipment such as luggage, generators, compressors, pumps, backhoes, Bobcats, and much more. In addition to equipment and vehicles, the device can provide security for a range of construction assets such as supply pallets, tractors, wire spools, and similar high value assets. Slim Trak real time tracking system makes all others obsolete! No more complicated wiring or GPS antenna mounting. Due to new state-of-the-art "high sensitivity antenna" technology, the very small Slim Trak tracker is completely self contained.


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